About Us

From 1999 to 2006 we worked as qualified project coordinators/managers and technical consultants/installation instructors on projects involving ‘Myrtha Pools’ from Italy who have installed pools for some of the world’s most prestigious events such as the Olympics Games, World Long and Short Course Swimming Championships and other special events.

During our years with ‘Myrtha Pools’ we participated with and instructed Myrtha distributors’ staff in relation to the Myrtha Pool System and PVC membrane Aquatic Linings on many large commercial installations in varying countries. Projects on which we were engaged included locations in Australia in Victoria, NSW, Queensland and Western Australia, also on both islands of New Zealand, in Spain, Italy, Belgium, UK and Cyprus in Europe, in Nigeria, Africa, Hong Kong in China and in many different states in the USA including California, Washington State, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Illinois, Florida, Delaware, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Hawaii.

Whilst all these pools were lined with PVC membrane linings our involvement was not limited to that.

In 2004 we assisted ‘Myrtha Pools USA’ with the amazing temporary installation of 2 Olympic sized pools which were installed on the car park of the Convention Centre in Long Beach California. These pools were used for meets such as the 2004 Janet Evans Invitational where our Aussie swimmers performed so outstandingly well and the 2004 US Olympic Trials. One of these pools was built with massive temporary grand stands. The other was installed adjacent to it. These pools were later dismantled for installation elsewhere in others states.

Returning to Sydney Australia in 2006 to promote PVC membrane Aquatic Linings installations and renovations in Australia, we assisted ‘Astral Pools’ of Spain with the temporary installations of 2 Olympic sized ‘SkyPool’ systems for the 2007 World Swimming Championships held at the Melbourne Tennis Centre. One of these pools was built on Centre Court, Rod Laver Arena just for the championships and the other one also just for this event was installed indoors on another court. These pools were later dismantled and were gifted to the Victorian government for installation at council facilities as part of the promotion.

Since that time we have worked on many commercial and residential pools where the installation of PVC membranes or a PVC liner were required.  These included numbers of commercial pools in the Sydney metropolitan area and surrounds plus country NSW, country Victoria, country Queensland, Barrow Island off Western Australia, Adelaide South Australia.  This has involved a number of larger installations for councils and government departments in Australia and offshore.

2016 to the present In July 2016 we ceased all work on residential pool concentrating instead exclusively on commercial projects.  We relocated our activities to Adelaide South Australia in November 2016 with a view to semi-retired of our principle Hank.  We continue to work on commercial pool projects Australia-wide. Having since worked in Ayers Rock, Taree NSW and Geelong Victoria.  We have joint venture arrangements in place to take our experience and expertise to Queensland, Victoria and South Australia and will consider similar arrangements for others states as the need arises.

There is a growing acceptance for the use of our PVC membrane Aquatic Linings in Local Government or council facilities, as well as the private sector.

Councils in North Sydney, Pambula, Oberon, Portland in NSW, and Croydon, Buloke Shire, Mansfield Shire, Pyrenees Shire and The City of Greater Geelong in Victoria to name but a few from our personal experience have embraced this concept to overcome leaking pools and other issues with their centres.